What to Expect with Your Renovation

What to Expect with Your Renovation

You’ve finally decided – it’s time to start that long-awaited renovation you’ve been looking forward to for the last couple of months. You’ve saved enough and are ready to kick off the project.

Fortunately, contracting our team to undertake your remodeling project gives you access to a team of designers and project managers with a wealth of experience. However, before embarking on your renovation project, below are the steps to expect.

Step #1: Contact Our Office

This first step includes a FREE consultation call. The goal is to get a brief overview of your vision for the project.

Details like when to start the project, what you want to be done, and your budget are instrumental for proper planning.

Step #2: The Visit

During this stage, one of our designers visits the location in person or via video conference. If you are conducting a virtual tour, it is helpful to be prepared to discuss the room’s proportions. Depending on the complexity of the assignment, this visit could last between one and three hours.

After your visit, we’ll send you an estimate shortly after that.

Step #3: The Contract

Once you review your estimate and give the green light, we’ll prepare and send you a contract. Our team values and respects your time, so we allow clients to use DocuSign to digitally sign all of their documents. Once we have your contract, you will receive an invoice for your deposit, and the real fun can begin: picking out the materials!

Step #4: Picking Out the Materials

DIYers might find this procedure intimidating, but collaborating with our expert designer makes it a breeze! Our designer will make a material board for you based on the details you gave during your in-home consultation and your collection of inspirational photos. If it’s not flawless, there’s always room for tweaks.

While the material board we prepare is digital, we advise setting up a material meeting day for you to see all of the finishes in person.

Step #5: Pre-construction Meeting

After choosing your materials, your designer will work with your schedule to set up your pre-construction meeting. They’ll assign you a project manager who’ll review your scope of work, inspect the space to be renovated, and take one last set of measurements. Any questions you may have will also be gladly addressed by your project manager. If a problem with the design emerges after this meeting, your project manager will typically be your primary point of contact.

Step #6: Demolition Phase

Finally, it’s demolition day – which typically marks the official beginning of construction. Any furniture or other obstructions should be removed from the renovation area. Our crew makes every effort to contain the demolition-related material to that location by sealing it off with plastic sheeting, safeguarding any flooring that must be crossed to access the space, and other measures.

This phase is typically noisy, so many clients choose not to be home. That is fine! Before this procedure starts, your project manager will have determined access alternatives.

Step #7: Building

We will start to rebuild once everything is taken out and the area is adequately cleaned. We’ll construct any additional framing and install the necessary preliminary electrical and plumbing work, among other tasks that may be unique to your project. Your project manager will share the start dates for each component so you can be ready in case a plumbing shut-off is necessary.

Step #8: Finishing

The finish line is in sight! All of the freshly installed drywall will be painted. Countertops will be added to cabinets. Mirrors will be provided for vanities. All of the various fixtures will have a place to call home.

Step #9: Moving In

To ensure that the entire scope of work has been completed, we’ll perform one more walk-through. Our task is finished once you’re satisfied, so please enjoy your gorgeous new space!


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