Selecting a Flooring for Your Remodel

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Selecting a Flooring for Your Remodel

As you start choosing the materials for your makeover, there may be many questions, particularly regarding the flooring. As your space’s literal foundation, flooring frequently has to withstand extensive and constant abuse.

It can be challenging to choose from all of the possibilities available. The most popular flooring materials include carpet, luxury vinyl plank, hardwood flooring, and tile. This article will help you brush up on some fundamental knowledge that will help you make the right flooring decision.

Tile Floor

With good reason, tile has been a popular flooring option for ages. Tile is made of a variety of materials, offers a large variety of forms, shapes, and designs, and withstands long-term abuse incredibly. Most importantly, tile requires relatively little upkeep, but that depends on the material of the tile. If sealed properly, you can guarantee that water and stain won’t penetrate your tile.

Still, like most other products, tile flooring has its shortcomings. Installing it can be expensive, primarily if a complex pattern is used. Underfoot, it may seem chilly and harsh. Additionally, to avoid discoloration and water damage, real stone tile will need to be continually resealed.

Hardwood Floor

Few flooring options have the timeless beauty of hardwoods, a longtime favorite. Any design style, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between, can use wood flooring. Hardwood floors typically only need to be regularly swept or vacuumed and cleaned with a suitable wood floor cleaner.

They are typically also solid. Hardwoods that are discovered following demolitions are frequently salvageable. Additionally, hardwood floors offer good market value, which is typically one of the first features homebuyers check for.

A downside of softer wood is that despite usually being strong, it scratches easily and thus requires a softer touch when setting furniture on it. Fortunately, using floor protectors on the bottom of the furniture helps. Still, hardwoods have a reputation for being quite noisy.

They have no sound absorption and can crack over time. This can be avoided by placing carpets in places with high traffic. Additionally, extreme caution is recommended while using water near hardwoods, so spills should be mopped immediately to prevent damage.

Carpeted Floors

Nothing delivers comfort like carpet can, which is unmatched for how it feels underfoot. Additionally, carpet is a reasonably priced option in terms of material and installation fees. It offers significant sound attenuation, making it a fantastic bedroom option. It comes in various designs, including plush, frieze, patterned, or Berber. Like tiles, there are a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to carpets; be sure to choose the one that is best for your needs.

However, the coziness that carpet provides comes at a cost. For instance, carpets may worsen the symptoms if anyone in your home suffers from allergies. They also stain easily, which can be hard to clean. But perhaps the most significant downside is carpet isn’t as resellable or reusable as other flooring materials.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl has come a long way since it was first popularized in the kitchens of the 70s. Vinyl is now available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. In fact, the distinction between hardwoods and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) can occasionally be challenging.

Both as a material and to install, vinyl is quite affordable. Since vinyl is entirely man-made, you can also find completely waterproof vinyl. This makes it a fantastic option for basements, particularly in areas where flooding is possible. It’s ideal for families with kids and dogs because it requires little upkeep.

Vinyl is an excellent classic option. However, dropping a large object on it can cause it to dent. It may also be challenging to remove if it is glued down, so we recommend using a “click and lock” installation technique instead of gluing. Conversely, unlike wood, it won’t increase the value of your home, though it won’t have a negative effect either.

In summary

When choosing your flooring, doing your research will undoubtedly pay off. Call us today or send us a message if you need more assistance, and we’ll arrange your free in-person or online design consultation!


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